1)Your character is 100% customisable, you want blue eyes? Boom! That’s what you have. Good for you.

    2)The world is only limited by the imagination of your GM, not the budget of a studio art department. Fighting a monster that’s a ten foot tall, tentacled monstrosity with fifty eyes, orbited by an ever shifting ring of rainbow coloured gem stones, who catches fire whenever an elf stands too close, phases through non organic matter and has a fuck-off huge hair bow: It happens in the time it takes me to describe it. Someone asks what colour it is? All the colours! Deal with it!

    3)It’s free. There are a ton of old or free source books available online, or even homebrew your own system. Pencil, paper, dice, rules, friends GO!

    4)You can get these super cute miniatures, once again that you can paint yourself. Who doesn’t want their beloved character on their desk judging their every action?

    5)You can focus on any aspect of the game that you want. Once the GM describes the scene, you can decide how you spend your time. Speak with the NPCs, go shopping, get into a fight, steal the King’s crown, challenge a passing goatherd to a foot race, write a quick poem to woo the bartender’s daughter, uncover the secret plot to kill the gods and raise a demon lord to rule everything north of the mountains…… go nuts!

    6)Got a good gaming group, then you can roleplay anywhere. Head down the pub, or go to the park. Hold a barbeque at the same time, or even a birthday party, or just get in some pizza and spend time with your friends. This is the best social hobby.

    7)You aren’t constrained by what is fashionable or currently being made by the big studios. If you want to play classic D&D forever and ever, then go ahead, nobody will judge you. (And if they do, they are wrong!)