If you've played CivClicker you might already know that my main two influences were Cookie Clicker (for the initial click-button-receive-bacon mechanics) and the Civilization series (for the flavour and ideas for unique mechanics).

I was also quite lucky to get in on the ground floor of the recent growth in incremental games (aka idle games) and so basically had the opportunity to take inspiration from other games in the genre but still forge my own path in terms of implementation. I'd like to think that a number of CivClicker's mechanics have become staples in the genre as a result.

But where the original game was in part a product of Cookie Clicker's game design decisions and in part a product of my lack of skill as a web developer, I'm hoping to aim in a more complex and interesting direction for the sequel. In essence I'm moving more towards a Civilization-style game, while retaining elements of the incremental games genre and the most iconic aspects of the original CivClicker.

We'll see how this direction fares; I'm optimistic that I'll find a unique (or at least, not particularly well-explored) space between the genres, and end up blending the best elements from both. I'm also hoping that the crowd who enjoy the more casual aspects of incremental games has some crossover for those you who are nostalgic for 1990s-era strategy games. :)