One thing I didn't really think about with the original CivClicker was how the project was going to be structured. Now, with some experience under my belt I've been able to plan a little better and I have worked on (at least some) structure.

The general plan is to do pre-alpha development work until I have what I consider to be a "playable game". This includes all the basic features working as intended - basic units, basic buildings, accumulating stuff. Once that's all ready, I'll be releasing it as an Alpha.

The next step is to start getting all the rest of the core features into the game over time. This period of development will likely be spent working on each of those features progressively (as well as some reevaluation of things along the way). I've got a vague idea of which features I consider core already, and I expect this to crystallize out further as I work. Once the game is "scope-complete", that's the Beta release.

After that is polish pre-release. Rebalancing everything, giving the interface and the graphics a spit-shine, adding in those last few nice-to-have features, and so forth. Then comes a v1.0 release.

After that? Who knows. Possibly further development. Possibly not. But regardless, I feel much more confident about where I'm going with the project now I've made some preliminary decisions about scope and planned a roadmap with some experience and a project already under my belt.

Currently, we're still in pre-alpha. Alpha's not that far off, though! No promises, no deadlines or dates - it'll be done when it's done - but we're making good headway.